Thursday, February 24, 2011



像往常一样没吃早饭就来到工作室,打开Gmail 后详细看了下邮件,Brown 是让到网申地址查的状态,被拒,而且语气挺客气的:

Dear XXX,

I regret to inform you that the XXX Program did not approve your application for admission to Brown University’s Graduate School for the 2011-2012 academic year. Admission decisions are made on a comparative basis and are the result of a careful evaluation of each candidate's application, taking into account academic achievement, preparation for advanced study, and other supporting materials.

The majority of those who apply to the Graduate School have strong qualifications and demonstrate an ability to do advanced academic work. We regret that we have to disappoint many bright and talented students.

Thank you for your interest in Brown. I wish you the best in your academic endeavors.


Peter M. Weber
Dean of the Graduate School
Brown University


I am sorry to inform you that the committee voted to deny your admission. Reasons for denial are varied and detailed information will be provided in the letter you receive by mail.

一天两拒,情何以堪?以此估计其他几所肯定也杯具了,申请可以说已经彻底over了。Brown被拒是预料之中的,因为合寄材料时跟我合寄的女生竟然也套的那个John XXX,被震惊后跟另一个哥们说起,再次被震到——他也套过,但是没申。到群里再问发现一本科娃也套了,最后把该叫兽回我们的邮件一分享,太阳,模板!虽说thu的某个老乡在10Fall的时候申了10所最后只有一所牛校给了她offer,但人家的背景还是很牛的,而且申的都是牛校,我这种菜鸟可以洗洗睡了。Bye, my Fall 2011 application! 投简历找工作去!!!

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