Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wifi Authentication Error

三爽Galaxy系列手机,包括Galaxy S和Galaxy Note,在使用特定WiFi时会出现无法连接到网络的情况,提示:Wifi Authentication Error Occurred。有时关闭WiFi再开启能解决,有时则不行。Google过这个问题,好像与WiFi的加密方式有关,家里的WiFi完全没问题,用学校的则经常出现这个问题,而且用iPhone也不会出现这个问题——安猪的小毛病太多。今天又碰上了,而且关闭-启用了N次也连不上,于是又Google了一通,发现有一个解决方法,能解决大部分用户的这个问题,但也不是全部都能解决,评论里许多人说此方法对他们无效。

方法很简单,在拨号面板输入“*#0011#”,进入“服务模式(ServiceMode)”,按一下左侧虚拟按键,选择WiFi,然后关闭“WiFi省电模式(WiFi Power Save Mode)”。本人的Galaxy Note II在关闭省电模式后立马连上了,运气不错。

Samsung Galaxy S3 WiFi Problem Fix

Note: Also works on most of Galaxy Note II.

1. Open up the Galaxy S3 phone dialer
2. Then dial *#0011#
3. Look for the “ServiceMode” screen and press the left menu button
4. Select “WiFi”
5. You should see that the “WiFi Power Save Mode” button is “ON” – now put it on “OFF”
6. Your done! Just exit the menu, switch off your WiFi, then switch it back on again. If your router details are saved and automatically connects, get your Galaxy S3 to forget or delete the network information. Then reconnect, putting in all the required information.

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UPDATE: FT! It won't work any more. No solution to solve this annoying problem even in XDA.

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